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September 2021

As You Are

By Newsletter

Free to be…

This month as we shift gears from summer to fall (at least, in the northern hemisphere), there might be a slight ‘uptick’ for all us. Whether we are heading back to an office, a home office, or whether the kids are heading back to school… or not, there is that feeling in the air that lets us know summer is slipping into the rear-view mirror.

And if there’s anything this pandemic has taught us all is that going with the flow is something none of us where doing enough of. So, here’s my invitation…

Before we “fall” back into the old habits of human doing, can we promise ourselves this month that we will remember we are enough as we are? Let’s all, collectively, give ourselves and each other the permission to be enough. Let’s put down (just for September because I don’t want anyone to be too overwhelmed by the sense of freedom that might be possible here) the desire to teach, preach, and/or judge ourselves and others. This month, collectively, we are off the hook for striving, pushing, pulling, and hoping. That’s right, I’m inviting us all to let go of even hoping!

Let life be exactly as it is. Let people be who they are. Let yourself be exactly as you are. In your strengths and your weaknesses. Let others be perfectly perfect in their strengths and their weaknesses. And don’t confuse the act of relaxing into being enough for inaction. When we allow ourselves to be enough, I have found myself to be more inspired and fearless than ever before. Why? Because I operate from a place of trust and ease. And from this place I have taken the biggest risks and made the biggest leaps. When I know I am enough, the power of life finally gets to move through me, uninhibited. And that’s a pretty extraordinary experience. I’ve also noticed a lightness of being that seems to add a sense of curiosity and openness to the day that is so easily shut off otherwise. Being has nothing to do with inaction, is what I’m saying. But it does have everything to do with how we generate energy, experience our day, and impact others.

All in all, life can get -all too easily- pretty serious. So, this month, let gooooo of the stories you have about yourself and others. Give yourself an internal vacation from your own control and chatter. Instead, show up. Show you to yourself and to your family, friends, and commitments. Be centered in your body and your heart. Listen to life. Take aligned action. Repeat.

I Am Whole

From the space of “being enough,” our energy gets sourced from source itself. Exhaustion and burn-out dissolve. We stop striving and we become present to the moment (where all possibility and inspiration exist anyway). We get a chance to feel energized and peaceful, organized and clear. And as I said, try it for September. Baby steps to freedom are also enough.