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October 2021

Transformation Vs. Change

By Newsletter

So many of us are on a path of personal development. We sense something more is calling, but don’t always know how to get to where we think we want to be.

We change external factors like cities, partners, careers, friend groups, even our names and beliefs. And we feel, for a time, that we are making progress. Things are temporarily different after all.

But eventually, whatever has held us back or blocked our way, surfaces yet again. The dissatisfaction, the thoughts, the feelings that we tried to outrun return. Change, we realize, is not enough.

But why is it not enough?

Change is like painting the walls of our home a new color while transformation is like tearing down the walls completely. Change happens on the surface, while transformation happens on a foundational level and is a long-term shift. Once something is transformed, that’s it, we have entered a new world entirely.

So why does the difference matter?

Put simply: because our life depends on it. And by life, I mean the life we know belongs to us, the life we know could be ours, the one we want deep down, but don’t know how to bring into form yet… Yeah, that life is waiting, and depends on our transformation to bring it into form.

You see, transformation is something else entirely than change…

Transformation calls upon the art and power of healing. Healing the unconscious mind. When the deeply seeded origin of patterning and behavior is healed, we can say that the walls between our true nature and our current self have been removed. On the other side of transformation, a new expression of freedom and authenticity, absent of inner struggle, awaits. No longer are we fighting with ourselves, we are, instead, enjoying a world that is totally new.

In contrast, changing our habits and patterns seems to show up as a massive effort to re-arrange personality traits accumulated from the past. “I won’t drink anymore,” someone might declare, “I’m going to change!” But has the underlying motive to drink transformed?! The experience of change can often leave us feeling like we are fighting something inside ourselves. And we often are! We are fighting the unconscious mind where all our childhood beliefs and wounding are stored. And over time, the unconscious mind always seems to win.

So, it’s not change that leads us to the life of our dreams, but transformation. It’s an inside out process, not the other way around! Rather than change on the outside to redirect our lives, we can transform on the inside, and allows changes to occur in reflection of our new operating system. Change doesn’t give us access to what is fundamentally not working, transformation does! And this deep inner shift is the key to a new reality, one that luminously reflects the new us!

In this new space, a very real level of responsibility for our reality arises. As through the process of healing, we come to discover that everything we need to heal lies within. Within us, we possess the alchemical power to transform darkness to light and set ourselves free. Once we touch this power, we know that we are the only ones that are responsible for our life experience, and a new sense of empowerment unfolds, prompting us to create new patterns and habits in lieu of the old.

Thus, hasn’t the time for transformation arrived?

Here are three guiding principles to stepping more fulling into the deep healing that leads to actively and consciously creating ourselves:

1.) Awareness – Everything begins with awareness. The greater self-awareness we have, the deeper and more profound the healing can be. If we ever feel stuck, we can be brave and ask friends and community to reflect to us the ways they see us acting and behaving that keep us from living our best life.

2.) Responsibility – Taking responsibility for our own transformation. Actively deciding who we want to become and what we want to create in our lives. Also, actively deciding what we will no longer tolerate in ourselves and environment. And not waiting for anyone to give us permission here!

3.) Intention, Imagination, & Focus – Through our innate powers of these three qualities, we must use our mind and our ability to envision our greatness. Staying dedicated to this vision of ourselves within, meditating on it, being devoted to it, to our true nature, our essence, our soul, our light.

In essence, transformation is an art and it brings us closer to our soul by removing the blocks that keep us from living a life on purpose. By choosing who we become in this life, we actively participate in creating a new world.

Ending the Relationship

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