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August 2021

Transmutation Techniques

By Newsletter

As many of you know, I’m of the ilk that everything is energy. Why this belief serves me is because it empowers me to influence my own life. From this belief, life becomes malleable. I can shift my mood, my thoughts, and thus manifest a reality that is in reflection of both. Additionally, it grants me the power to give back energy that doesn’t belong to me and transmute energy that no longer serves me.

Wanna try it? I hope so, because today I’m going to teach you a tool I use to transmute energy. I was taught this tool in my early years of study and use it almost every day today. There is no other tool like it, and it’s called The Violet Consuming Flame.

The Violet Consuming Flame was brought to the planet in the 1940s but Ascended Master, Saint Germain. What’s an Ascended Master? Well, you’re one in the making, as an ascended master is someone who has used their free will to continually evolve themselves by increasing self-awareness, making positive choices that align with their highest nature, and continually exhibit self-mastery over fear-based feelings and thoughts. This process of self-mastery eventually led individuals, like Saint Germain, into a state of enlightenment until the time of death, which is defined at this level as a conscious as a choice to leave the body and continue to assist humanity in their awakening.

So, there was Saint Germain, keeping an eye on humanity and he was like, “Humanity seems to need some help.” I mean, we were coming out of the 1800s – a prolific time of war and slave trading, and while we were evolving through the industrial revolution, humanity’s consciousness was couched deeply in the vestiges of separation rather than unity and oneness. AND, it looked like we had a long way to go.

Thus, in the 1940s, a new tool for personal development got introduced. And it was specifically designed to accelerate our development. Rather than working through each layer… by layer… by layer… we were given the choice to activate this flame of transmutation in our bodies, minds, and energy field and allow this flame to transform whatever there is to dissolve that no longer serves us. *When I say “flame” I am not talking about fire that is physical to the eye or hot to the touch. I am talking about an energy that is sacred and possesses certain alchemical qualities to transform things, like fire. This tool also builds, like fire, starting from a small flame and becoming larger with our intention. And whether it is a small flame or a concentration of large flames, the alchemical power to transform is present at all stages.

If you’re ready to experience this, jump into the meditation now. If you need an example, I got you.

There are cycles of intensity in my work as a psychotherapist. For example, there was as series of school shootings and suicides in Denver a couple years ago and many of my clients were touched by these events. One after the next came into my office processing this material. I knew, as a professional, that if I was not vigilant with my own energy, I could experience vicarious trauma, exhaustion, and even burnout. So, I amped up the Violet Consuming Flame. I filled my office with it, I filled my own energy with it. I meditated with it each evening to clean and clear my mind, my cells, and the space. The Violet Consuming Flame acts like a cosmic cleaner, and instant relief is felt. So rather than my office becoming a catch-all for deep anger, grief, and fear, it became a space of transmutation for these young people. They came in feeling one way, and left feeling lighter. And I was not overwhelmed by the consistent intensity that I was sitting with throughout the weeks. Instead, my own energy field was “padded” with the Violet Flame and anything that arose inside of me was washed away and anything that came my way my dissolved, like a paper-airplane circling the sun.

And this is why I say, everything is energy. Because if I didn’t, I would have been totally burned out by that month. And don’t get me wrong, I was tired, but using these tools gives me resilience and strength to support others at a different level while also taking care of myself.

The Violet Consuming Flame

So, here’s my little trick for you. I have a thousand more examples, but using this tool in your daily meditations is the best thing you could do for yourself right now. We are in intense and unprecedented times of change on this planet, I invite you whole heartedly to begin to incorporate the Violet Flame simply and easily into your life. Get on board in accelerating your personal development and uplifting your energy. Join me as I guide you through this experience and offer the training and insight that was taught to me so many years ago…