Deeply Committed and Wildly Interconnected

Give yourself the time and space to focus on your practice. Hone your process and accelerate your growth through our boutique classes and intensives.


When we practice together – whether in a class or an intensive – the opportunity for additional insight, support, and inspiration is at our fingertips.

The power of a group’s intention and results produced from collective energy can’t be underestimated. While most classes and intensives are open to all, some require private sessions before and after a given intensive. Such requirements are made explicit. These requirements are upheld in the highest interest of each participant.

For those in ongoing private sessions, the classes and intensives are a profound opportunity to accelerate your personal development, gain new insight, deeper healing, awareness, perspective, and community connection. Participating in these experiences also opens up the chance to receive continued attention and support outside of private sessions.


Reprogram what you know, expand your perspective, and give your nervous system a chance to learn something new, while connecting with like-minded people!

One invaluable element of deep transformation is giving the nervous system an alternative experience to what is familiar– in other words, disrupting what’s programmed. Another way to effect change is surrounding yourself with people who are interested in the work of personal development. Our boutique classes and specialized intensives present both these opportunities.


Our intensives are designed to clear out what’s in the way, then expand your awareness into what’s new and available. Starting with the ‘Deep Work’ intensive and following up with the ‘Lighten Up’ Intensive is a common program cycle.


Learning and experience galore! Understand the foundations of esoteric anatomy, how to work with energy, raise your vibration, and the impact higher vibrational states have on our day-to-day perspectives. Learn tools for deep meditation and much much more. States of expanded awareness and consciousness are the aim for this intensive, so buckle your seat-belts!


Geared toward very deep psychological work, pre- requisites required. This intensive addresses the roots of trauma, depression, addiction, anxiety, relationship issues and more. Be ready to face what holds you back, learn techniques to deal with tough emotions and thoughts, gain new perspectives, and step into new expressions of health & vitality.


Boutique classes are a time to have your continued exploration more deeply supported, learn skill sets, ask questions, and practice techniques. Typically open to all. For clients already in private sessions, you’re invited to sign up directly for classes and intensives. For those not yet in private sessions, but interested in a class or intensive, please inquire to find out if these experiences are the right fit for you.


Reach out to learn more about our intensives and classes and discover if they’re right for you. We love hearing from you and are ready to support your path by answering any questions. Take the chance on yourself and get started!