“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

 – Mahatma Gandhi


Hi, this is Oakley Ogden. In today’s practice, I’ll use our last two sessions to take us even further into the power of gratitude. It’s time for manifestation. In other words, future memories. So let’s get started.

Let’s close the eyes and take a deep breath in. Easy exhale. Again, inhale. Lengthen the exhale. Lengthen the inhale. Lengthen the exhale. Relaxing the body from the crown of the head down to the forehead, the jaw, the shoulders and arms, letting them grow heavy and relaxed; moving down to the hips, the thighs. Really feel the weight of your legs, calves, and shins, all the way down to the feet. Inhaling and exhaling.

From this place, I invite you to consciously choose a person, place, or thing in your life that you would love to see improvement or change. This could be a family member, a friend or colleague. It could be a place like your home or office, or it could be a thing like food or money, time, or even your car, for example. Now, let’s create a future memory together. I’ll walk you through it step by step.

First, when you think of this person, place or thing, notice at once how you feel. Because it’s a place that you wish for improvement, the natural and normal feelings that arise are probably fear-based, like frustration, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, blame, anger, sadness. All of these things are fear-based and that’s okay. Just notice. Now here’s where it gets good. Be strong, stay with me because I know you can do this. You’re about to shift your reality. So right now, place yourself in the future. It can be a week or a month from now, and if you don’t know, just choose one year and just plop, put yourself in the future. You’re now standing in your future and you see this person, place or thing that you really wish to improve upon.

Here’s where the shift happens. In this future memory, allow yourself to feel your ideal outcome. The feeling part of this is so important, so let’s start with gratitude. Feel inside the gratitude for the outcome that’s been created. Allow yourself to feel your heart expanding. Allow there to be ease moving through the whole body. Really see this ideal outcome, and I’m going to say this because I think a lot of us go here. How things have been resolved is none of our business right now. We are not solving; we are creating. All we know for sure is that we feel completely different.

Go ahead. Use the power of imagination, this incredible inbuilt faculty of the mind, and give it your all. See and feel yourself in a totally new emotional and mental space. What was formerly a stressor or a trigger has been resolved. What does resolution feel like in your body? I feel grateful because … I feel grateful, because I choose to. Choosing is always enough of a reason. I feel grateful because I choose to. I feel grateful because everything worked out in the highest for all involved. I feel grateful because I realize I’m loved and supported in all ways. I feel grateful because … and keep going with this inside yourself. I feel grateful … It’s okay to repeat your reasons. Feel the shift you’re longing for. Allow it to come from the heart. The only thing that matters is that you choose a love-based feeling and visualize it. Picture it. Imagine yourself feeling this feeling and looking at what you are choosing to work with today.

This is the heavy lifting of transformation and you are doing great. Keep going. Shine your new vibrational state into the relationship with this person, place or thing, like you’re turning on a flashlight and shining it into what you have chosen to improve in your life. From our past two sessions, you know how to cultivate a new state inside of yourself. Continue to grow this feeling until it’s all you know to be true in this future memory.

And relax; and with gratitude and humility and grace, come back to the present moment, knowing that you’ve planted new seeds for outcomes in your future, knowing that you have planted new seeds for outcomes in your future. You’ve created new neural pathways that make a different outcome possible.

Imagination is such a powerful element in our world, and when we pair our imaginative visioning with our future memory work, moving ourselves into the future, and seeing and feeling the outcome, we’ve really stepped into becoming what I love to call conscious creators. So thank you for playing with me, and stay tuned for more tricks utilizing what we already have to create a life we love.