Welcome to the final week of our 3-part series on:


Have you heard the phrase, “Where our attention goes, energy flows”? Well, it’s an oldie but goodie. And as we look into the future, wondering what we will create – not only personally, but collectively – it’s helpful to remember such phrases as they are the roadmap to manifestation. In today’s society, it’s not uncommon to accept that our thoughts and feelings are the things that create the lens through which we view our reality. However, if we learn to align our thoughts and feelings with our hearts and use the power of imagination, visualization, and intention, we can begin to participate in co-creating with life at a whole new level. In essence, a new reality can be born.

So, today, let’s keep the laws of manifestation simple, 1) Wherever we focus our attention is what we will end up creating, and 2) Manifestation needs our emotion to make it happen. We have to feel it, not just think it, to make it happen. …I can hear you say, “You’re telling me that the more I focus on the stress I’m feeling the more I’m fueling it?” Well, yes, but you can shift this. Let’s stay focused. I got you. Together, let’s examine an instance in our lives where we can create some powerful change.


Creating Future Memories
This week, pick one thing that’s bothering you – something unsatisfying about yourself, a relationship issue, a business stressor, a race relation issue, the state of the nation… a trigger about anything really. Nothing is too big or small this week; I’m leaving it wide open… have at it. Or, if you have a meeting coming up, a big talk, a hard talk, or something where your participation is required, pick that.

In this guided practice, we will first use the power of gratitude to access the heart. Then I’ll prompt you with a visualization of the future where we will practice creating an outcome that otherwise wasn’t on your timeline. Said differently, we will learn to powerfully and intentionally create future memories.

Yes, we are that powerful and it’s important, especially in these times, to get a taste of your own power when it’s aligned with your heart. In my life, I have consciously influenced the outcomes of situations with love; creating outcomes that serve all involved, all for the highest. And now I want you to have a chance to try it. Many events in our life play out as a result of unconscious patterning. Reactions triggering a cascade of reactions, unconscious habits of protection, shame, guilt, blame, and more, creating separation, sabotaging amazing opportunities, and keeping us from fulfilling who we know we are meant to be.

So, let’s practice together and continue to be active participants in our life and this global revolution of awakening consciousness.