On Stuff & Happiness: Words from Kylie Jenner

By August 28, 2018Blog

People, Kylie Jenner is worth $900 million. She just graced the cover of Forbes Magazine as the first 21-year-old set to become “The Youngest-Ever-Self-Made Billionaire.” I had to laugh when I wrote down the zeros to spell out $900 Mill. Here, check this out… $900,000,(wait, there’s more)000.00.

Haha!! So great! This kid is inside abundance consciousness without a doubt. There is no poverty mindset in there. None. And for that, I celebrate her. I celebrate her for a lot of other reasons too, and among them, her first episode called Life of Kylie, where she opens up by saying (loosely quoted)… I can buy anything I want, anything, and the happiness that comes from buying those things lasts about 2 seconds. I get my happiness from other places.

Now, first of all, this girl is 21 years old and has learned this through sheer experience. She gets that things don’t make us happy. And this is going out to all her ga-zillilion fans who live inside a fame culture. Way to influence Kylie! #proudofyou. Now, I can hear some of you saying, “This is BS. She can pay all her bills, and she owns her own house, and she has no car payments, and vacations like…” Yes, I hear you. And what you are talking about is referred to as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow says that we need to have shelter, food, and water, before we can start to contemplate the more philosophical nature of life. So, do you have those three things? Stay with me…

There are people who have more than we could ever imagine and they are miserable. Their relationships are empty and sad, they are lonely and depressed, even suicidal. Kate Spade took her life this year and she had the kind of money that might have us thinking, “If I had that, then everything would be….” Careful, this is exactly what I’m ousting and you’ll thank me later.

It’s not that we can’t enjoy the luxuries of living, or strive to make millions. Abundance consciousness includes money (if you want it to), but it extends far beyond the greenbacks. As from the mouths of babes, Stuff Doesn’t Make Me Happy, I Find My Happiness In Other Places.

It’s cliché at this point, but when a person passes away, we are impacted by what kind of person they were, not by all the stuff they had. If they had money, we ask, how did they use it? Who did they help? What did they make better for others? If they didn’t use it for any good at all, we kind of think they’re an asshole, don’t we? Funny, a person with money who uses it for good is inspiring, but a person who doesn’t do anything other than sit on it, we consider a jerk, or someone at the very least, we are quietly resentful of. Why? Because the kind of person someone is is more impactful and memorable than what they have, especially if they have a lot.

The kind of person you choose to be day to day, the impact you have on others, and the way you feel about yourself, is the place we need to start. The reason being is if we practice cultivating happiness now we will know where it truly comes from later. So for those of us setting goals related to zeros adding up, we can be happy regardless and enjoy the game.

Kylie exhibits her love for her pups, her family, and her friends. She makes life worth living by being present to events around her, how to make them better, how to stay connected with her fans, and yes, she’s still 21 and dong 21 year-old-things. And, in my personal opinion, I think her choosing to have the baby she has had something somewhere to do with cultivating purpose and love, given that she really gets that stuff doesn’t bring happiness (aka, purpose or a sense of knowing love).

So, let’s get quiet for a minute and really focus in… The lesson for today starts here: Choose Your State Of Being. Choose what you want to feel and what kind of person you want to be. For example, I want to feel more Peace, and I want to be the kind of person my friends can trust and depend on. Okay, great start! Then examine your current thoughts and feelings and ask yourself if those feelings and thoughts are feeding this sense of self you desire to become. Choose feelings and thoughts that would be in alignment with that desired Self instead. Yes, change the ones you currently think and feel. For example, practice more gratitude, acceptance, and honestly with yourself. Then, you can set inspiring goals!

What I have found through creating my life like this is that I felt fulfilled and peaceful and harmonious when I had one client. The same feelings I feel now with a full private practice. I never groaned about not having enough clients. I just stayed focused on my state of being no matter what and the clients came and the zero added up and, yes, I could buy the things I liked- bringing it back around to stuff. And with those resources, I expanded my practice and built more things to serve my clients. And the peace and harmony and sense of fulfillment deepened. And all along the way my focus was this state of being, the impact I had on others, my ability to be present and connected to the people I loved, and from this place I set out to achieve the goals I set for myself – a thriving private practice, a blog I find so much joy in sharing and writing, chosen figures of income, time with loved ones, and more…

So, in conclusion for today, dare to create the life or yours dreams… Start by finding happiness in other places than stuff (psst, it’s inside you!). After that discovery, you will enjoy the stuff a lot more because you will be free, free from it having to make you happy.